Avatar 2 Art Book Sets December Release

As fans continue to anticipate the release of James Cameron‘s long-awaited sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water, an upcoming book featuring concept art for the film is now available to pre-order. The book, titled “The Art of Avatar: The Way of Water,” is priced at $50 and will be released simultaneously with the film on December 16.

The book’s cover depicts a beautiful depiction of a whale-like creature, known to the Na’vi as tulkun, as it emerges out of the oceans of Pandora alongside a young Na’vi, likely one of Jake (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri’s (Zoe Saldaña) children. Many may recognize the tulkun from one of the end credits scenes from the theatrical re-release of the first Avatar, where it was helped by one of the new characters from the film. It will be interesting to see how the scene entirely plays out in the movie, but if the concept art is any indication, the tulkun and the young Na’vi are likely to have a deep bond as the story of the film develops. The upcoming book is written by Tara Bennett. Robert Rodriguez, who previously collaborated with Cameron by directing Alita: Battle Angel, writes the forward for the book.


Alongside the book’s eventual release, “Avatar The Way of Water: The Visual Dictionary” from DK is now also available to pre-order. The book, written by Joshua Izzo, will serve as an encyclopedia for the upcoming film and will feature detailed descriptions of all the new creatures, technology, environments, and cultures the sequel delivers. Like “The Art of Avatar: The Way of Water,” the book will also be released on December 16 and is priced at $30.

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The first Avatar took the world by storm in 2009 and broke various box office records, becoming the first film to surpass $2 billion worldwide. Despite some criticism of its traditional narrative beats, the film was beloved by critics and audiences for its highly-detailed world-building, innovative use of 3D, and jaw-dropping visual effects. The movie currently stands as the highest-grossing film of all time, further reinforced after its recent theatrical re-release, which pushed its global total to $2.9 billion. With the critical and commercial success of Cameron’s science fiction epic, its sequel has been continuously in development with several pushbacks.

Now, after 13 years, audiences can soon return to the beautiful world of Pandora like they never have before, with the promise that the sequel will explore its oceans. Whether the sequel can replicate the success of the first film remains to be seen, but if the newly revealed art is any indication, Avatar: The Way of Water will offer audiences plenty of visual wonders when it releases exclusively in theaters in a couple of months.

Avatar: The Way of Water splashes into theaters on December 16, and the book will release the same day. Check out the official trailer for the upcoming film below, as well as the cover art for the book.

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