‘Casual Harassment’, Ranveer Singh Flirts With A Reporter And The Internet Thinks It’s Creepy AF

In the midst of separation rumours with Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh has landed in another controversy. An old video of the actor in which he is flirting with an American reporter is going viral on social media and fans are disgusted with his utterly unprofessional behaviour. 

Ranveer Singh flirts with American reporter


The video doing the rounds is from IIFA awards 2014

The conversation goes like this:

Reporter: “Stop it. You’re scaring me.”

Ranveer Singh: “Is it fair you are making me hot and flustered when I am at work.”

Reporter: “We are all working here.”

People are calling it casual harassment.

While fans are applauding the reporter for setting the record straight and telling him that he was scaring her, they’re also lashing out at Ranveer Singh for “casual harassment” and “creepy behaviour”. 

A Reddit user said, “If this is not workplace harassment then I don’t know what is. The woman had to say Stop you are scaring me to this perv. He came so close to her face I am surprised at his shamelessness. Massive respect to the woman to remind him of his boundary and not giggle at his advances like most Indian reporters would have done.”


“Invasion of privacy and casual harassment are the desi male version of ‘being cool'”, said another one.

Another comment read, “What nonsense is this Ranveer really? And that man behind laughing. Scummy men!”

“I really feel bad for people who need to work with him, he is such a giant creep. And that other reporter just laughing at it ughhh. Yuckkkkkk”. 

Another person agreed with the reporter that Ranveer Singh’s expressions were frightening. “I watched it on mute first and his expressions are frightening. What the hell is this entitlement and it’s so utterly unprofessional. He doesn’t even care about the cameras that are on! Ewww.”

Meanwhile, rumours are rife that all is not well between Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone. Rumours sparked after a tweet claiming “Everything is not okay between Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone” went viral on social media.

The tweet was shared self-proclaimed film critic and member of the overseas censor board namely Umair Sandhu. 

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