Elon Musk hires man that spread fake news about Twitter

The last few weeks have been all about Elon Musk and Twitter. Of course, those who know Elon Musk know that he can be very controversial. Since taking over Twitter, Elon Musk has been the topic of discussion. His first action as Twitter CEO got tongues wagging. On his first day, he fired no less than four Twitter executives. By the first week, he had fired no less than 3500 Twitter employees. While he was firing some staff, others were resigning at their will. However, a new report reveals that Musk has taken a liking to two unlikely people. After Musk took over from Twitter, there were both real and fake reports about what was going on at Twitter.

A “mischievous” man who claimed to be an engineer at Twitter and was fired to confuse the public is now a trial employee of Twitter. Can we now say it is a “good thing” to spread fake news? Well, that’s not the case but Daniel Francis is benefitting from spreading fake news. Daniel Francis is now listed as a Twitter employee internally. According to insiders, he is now part of the internal Slack channel. Francis made Musk’s first day as Twitter’s new boss look even more chaotic. He claimed to be a fired Twitter engineer.

Well, Daniel Francis was not alone in the “scam”. He was with another folk called Rahul Ligma. In an interview, Francis, who identified himself as Daniel Johnson at the time, pretended to walk out of Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco that day. In interviews, both said they were fired by Musk. But later in the day, it was revealed that the two never worked at Twitter.

Daniel Francis gets a reward

However, Francis’ status has changed today. He is currently working as a software developer at Twitter, according to some insiders. But that may be temporary, as he is more likely to be on probation. Francis’ prank sparked a debate within Twitter about whether Musk had already begun layoffs. This eventually kicked off weeks of chaos under his leadership. About a week after taking over Twitter, Musk began layoffs. This cut down Twitter’s full-time staff to about 3,500 people. Subsequent small layoffs and mass resignations are further reducing Twitter’s staff. At the moment, Twitter has only about 2300 workers.

Elon Musk himself seemed to enjoy the prank, though. Last week, he even invited “Ligma and Johnson” back to Twitter’s headquarters. He posted a photo of him posing with the two in his office. During the trip, Francis expressed his appreciation for Twitter, and Musk offered him a trial job.

Elon Musk
Daniel Johnson is first from the right

He posted a message with the image. Elon Musk wrote… “Welcome back Ligma & Johnson!” In a follow-up tweet, he wrote: “It’s important to admit mistakes when I make them, and I really did fire them one of the biggest mistakes.”

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Francis does not yet have a formal title on the company’s profile. However, he appears in an internal Slack channel and has a profile. This means that he is an employee of the company. Of course, only employees of the company are in the slack channel. According to Twitter staff, the image of Francis on the internal profile was taken by the media on the day he disguised himself as a fired engineer from Twitter. He was standing outside Twitter headquarters with a cardboard box, looking very depressed.

Twitter closes Brussels office – EU fears nobody censors illegal content

Twitter is cutting costs in every aspect. The company is not only cutting staff, it is also closing infrastructure. However, this is getting some people worried. According to EU justice minister, Didier Reynders, Twitter has closed its Brussels office. In the process, it had to lay off thousands of workers. Reynders claims that this is causing serious concerns about Twitter. People are worried that the company may no longer have the ability to comply with the upcoming Digital Services Act.

Elon Musk

The EU is about to bring tough new rules on illegal online content. A European Commission official said Reynders met with Twitter representatives at its European headquarters in Dublin. The meeting is to seek clarification on Twitter’s actions. Twitter representatives claims the company will ensure full compliance with EU rules. The EU official said Reynders placed particular emphasis on compliance. He is asking Twitter to translate the pledge into concrete measures.

The “Digital Services Act” will come into effect in February 2024. It requires online platforms to improve the supervision of illegal online content. If the don’t do this, the will face a fine of 6% of the global annual turnover. With little warning, the company fired top executives and slashed staff after Elon Musk took over last month. About half of the company’s employees were fired. Also, no less than 1000 people had to resign from the company.


At some point, Twitter had only two staff working in Brussels. However, even these two have left the company. This is coming from an insider who do not want his name in print for obvious reasons.  Reynders also warned Twitter and other tech companies to do more to tackle bad content online. The latest data shows that these companies have removed less objectionable content this year than in previous years. The concern by the EU is simple. If there is not enough staff, then Twitter may not be able to tackle bad content. This is why the EU is taking its time to warn Twitter and other tech brands.

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