Final (N), ICC Men’s T20 World Cup at Melbourne, Nov 13 2022 – England vs Pakistan, ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 2022, Final Match Live Score, Summary

11.10pm And with that, Buttler strolls over to join his squad on the podium, and lifts the ICC T20 World Cup trophy! The fireworks go off, no champagne though – a mark of respect to two of the main men on the night, Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid, who take their turns to give the trophy a lift, before leading the players over to a big sign declaring them “CHAMPIONS”… which they truly are. Three finals and a semi in four World Cups since 2016, and now two wins.

And now, out comes the champers as the ticker-tape blows around the MCG. This party will go off into the night, and probably all the way to next week’s ODI series against Australia too! The families are out on the field now, Buttler has a kid in each arm as he poses for photos. From Lord’s in 2019 to the MCG in 2022. England certainly pick the iconic venues for their big trophy matches. And tonight a fair few ghosts of Kolkata have been put to rest too.

That’s probably a wrap from the 2022 T20 World Cup. Thanks for joining us, and what a tournament it has been. Thrills, spills, upsets have abounded, but the cream has ultimately risen to the top, as you generally hope it will on the big occasions. From Miller, Karthik, Matt, Chandan and the rest of the ESPNcricinfo team, thanks and goodnight!

11.05pm And now it’s England’s turn to take the podium to receive their winners medals.

Jos Buttler: “This is the icing on the cake, to win the T20 World Cup, just immensely proud. A long journey and a few changes, but we’re reaping the rewards. Fantastic tournament, Pakistan was a valuable time for the group, but this is a way away from the Ireland game.

On Matthew Mott, double World Champion himself: “He’s fitted in really well, quite a few Aussies with us. He’s led the coaching staff really well, gives the players great freedom and allows us to go out and trust ourselves.

“Adil’s over was outstanding, he’s always the guy we throw the ball to to take something happen. It wasn’t easy at all, got away to a decent start which controlled the run-rate, and that man Ben Stokes was there at the end.

On Stokes: “He’s the ultimate competitor. In anything he does, a hell of a lot of experience to bank on, he timed it perfectly the impetus he and Moeen had took it away from Pakistan.”

11.02pm Up step the Pakistan squad to collect their runners-up medals… but no Afridi sadly, he’s still having treatment on that knee. Beaten but unbowed today. They so nearly defended 137 in a magnificent bowling display.

Babar Azam: “Congratulations to England team, we felt like everyone came here to support us, thank you so much. The way the team has gone in the last four matches, incredible. I told the boys to play their natural game, with freedom. We were 20 runs short but fight to the last over was unbelievable. Our bowling is one of the best but unfortunately Shaheen’s injury cost us a different result, but that’s part of the game.”

10.57pm Nearly time for England to get hold of their trophy… the umpires are receiving their medals, and now so does Curran, as he gets official hold of his Player of the Match award. And he stays on the podium to collect his Player of the Tournament award too. Who needs weights training when you have ICC trinkets to flex?

Abinash Das: “It’s true that history has a tendency to repeat itself, however, only those who challenge history are the ones who make it. Today team England not only challenged history but also wrote it with their clutch performance.”

Saisudhakar: “Stokesy is the only the player who was part of last of over’s in all three world cups 2016, 2019 ” Indeed. Two from three ain’t a terrible return!

10.51pm The presentations will be coming up shortly, so stay tuned. In fact, here they are.

Sam Curran is Player of the Match: “I don’t think I should be getting this, the way Stokesy played there… we’re going to enjoy this occasion, very special.

“They had big square boundaries, so into the wicket, it offered for the seamers, nipping around and a challenge for the chase. The way I bowl, I go into the wicket with my slower balls and keep the batsmen guessing. World Champions, how good!”

On Stokes: “People question him, but there’s no questioning him… he’s the man!”

And Sam Curran is also the Player of the Tournament. “A little bit lost for words. We’re going to enjoy this.”

10.46pm So, the instant reaction for England is a mix of relief, jubilation but also quiet vindication that they’ve got their rewards for their white-ball standards over the past few years. Pakistan were superb in their defence of a low total, but Stokes’ calm presence kept England in the hunt during a dicey middle period. And what might have been if Afridi hadn’t been at mid-off for that fateful catch?

Adil Rashid: “So proud of the boys, the position from the early tomorrow to now… we were nervous in the run-chase, but we knew we’ve got the firepower to get over the line. This doesn’t happen often, so we’ll cherish this for a long time.”

And to Eoin Morgan, his former captain turned Sky pundit, he adds: “Thank you for picking me!”

“As a unit we bowled magnificently,” he says. And he’s not wrong.

Here’s Stokes: “In finals, especially chasing, you forgot all the hard work that came first. To restrict them to 130, the bowlers have to take a lot of credit. With Ireland being so early in the competition, we had to address it, we can’t carry baggage in tournaments. The best teams take it on the chin, and move onto the next challenge. A pretty good evening.

How does it rank compared to 2019? “It’s been a good one…” Diplomatically put!

Moeen Ali: “One of the best days of my cricketing career. As a team we’ve deserved it over a long period of time. It was about keeping my intent, if I was going to get out it was to get out being positive.”

Alex Hales: “I didn’t think this chance would come again, so special to be involved, this is the icing on the cake. Pakistan are a high-quality attack so took time to find my feet… got a decent ball today!”

Harry Brook speaks to Sky… “So good… a lot of people would expect to be winning the World Cup at 23… but we’ve shown the world how good we are tonight. Thought the wicket would be better, but a phenomenal day. Crowd have been fantastic.

Woakes: “Lost a lot of games in Australia to win here at the MCG… amazing. The wicket offered a bit to the quicks, but the occasion played into that, gets the better of people, but we got over the line.”

10.37pm Out surges the England bench, off go the fireworks. Handshakes, backslaps and huge sighs of relief all round from the victors. That was a fantastic final, and who knows how things might have panned out but for that awful untimely injury to Shaheen? Fingers crossed for a swift recovery, but this is England’s moment. Six years on from heartbreak in Kolkata, Stokes has his T20 redemption, and seals his place in history with unbeaten half-centuries in consecutive World Cup victories!

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