Nicki Minaj drops the World Cup song with Myriam and Maluma

Nicki Minaj drops The World Cup song with Myriam and Maluma

Nicki Minaj joined Maluma and Myriam Fares for new song for the 2022 FIFA World Cup soundtrack.

On Friday, November 18, 2022, the three artists released the collaboration titled, Tukoh Taka, which marks the first time an official World Cup anthem features three languages, as Minaj raps in English and Spanish, Maluma sings in Spanish and Fares sings in Arabic, via People Magazine.

In a press release issued alongside the song, which will be featured on the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Official Soundtrack, Maluma and Fares spoke opened up about the collaboration.

“I am so happy to be part of this FIFA World Cup anthem! I always dreamt of an opportunity like this. Representing Latin music on this global track alongside amazing artists that sing in English and Arabic, takes our culture to another level,” the statement from Maluma said.

Fares expressed excitement toward the opportunity in her statement, “The song that I was honoured to participate in its composition, arrangement, and choreography, made me more passionate about it, in addition to working alongside two of my favourite international artists, Nicki Minaj and Maluma.”

“I truly wish that ‘Tukoh Taka’ will be transmitting the Eastern culture and Arabian music to the whole world,” shared Fares.

The music video, Fares is the first musician to be seen as she sings the chorus and dancing in the nighttime dessert, with six backup dancers dressed in white behind her.

Next appearance is by Maluma as he dances in front of a huge metal soccer ball in a similar location. When the first verse begins, that’s when Minaj appears on the screen impressively rapping the lyrics. Nicki dons a black bejewelled bodysuit paired with a statement jacket. 

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