Residential building bans delivery agents from using lifts; notice goes viral

A notice reading that food delivery agents are not allowed to use the lift. Image: Twitter/@AwanishSharan

In the last few years, there has been a sharp jump in the number of people ordering food items online. With an increase in such orders, there has also been a rise in the workload of delivery executives who continue to travel from one doorstep to another. While delivery agents often end up facing challenging situations during work, there are also instances of them facing discriminatory practices in some places. One such thing was recently witnessed at a residential building that banned outsiders, especially Zomato or Swiggy delivery agents, from using the building’s lift.

A note has been put up in front of the lift which states that no one except the residents can use it. A photo of the notice has been also shared on Twitter and has been receiving flak from people on the social media platform.

While the location of the building remains unknown, people have been criticising the society for such discrimination. On the other hand, a section of people also came out in support of the notice arguing that buildings usually have separate service lifts for outsiders.

Check the post:

Many also took to the comment and shared their reactions. One wrote, “There is no point in raising such concerns. This is written in societies which have a separate lift for service. Food delivery and e-commerce people need to use that. It is stated to maintain safety and cleanliness”, while another person commented, “This discrimination is disgusting, to say the least! If the flat owners don’t want delivery people to use their lift, why don’t the owners come down from their high horses..err.. high houses and fetch their own packets?”

A person, seemingly a resident of the building, also commented and said, “This matter is of my building. A living example of how humanity is falling.”

Check some more reactions:

Since being shared, the post has received thousands of likes and comments. The photo has indeed drawn attention toward the kind of discrimination faced by people based on their job and class in society. What are your thoughts on this story?

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