Single-Cell Advances in Functional Immune Monitoring for Developing Immune Therapies and Uncovering Disease Pathogenesis

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Unlike many other therapeutic approaches, treatments that harness the immune system have the potential to not just treat but cure a disease, including those that historically have poor clinical outcomes. However, because the immune system is dynamic and complex, developing immunotherapies can be a daunting task.
Different immune cells in various trajectories of their life spans perform critical functions at different points in time. Single-cell functional proteomics plays a pivotal role in the drug development process by revealing insights that cannot be identified by bulk immunoassays and by homing in on the highly polyfunctional cells that are driving in vivo biology.

The drug discovery and development process is hampered by challenges to understanding the complexities of the immune system. As our experts will show in this perspective, single-cell functional proteomics is becoming the tool of choice to unravel the intricacies of immune function and advance the development of future life-saving medicines.

GEN spoke to three thought leaders working on immune therapies to hear their views and strategies on using single-cell functional proteomics in their quest to treat some of the world’s most devastating diseases.


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