Social media sensation Urfi Javed enters Splitsvilla house, Sunny and Arjun shocked to see contestants behaviour

Splitsvilla X4: Urfi is gaining popularity in the reality show genre. The social media star is now a participant in the Splitsvilla X4 after leaving her mark on the public with her appearance on Bigg Boss OTT. One of the 14th season’s contestants is Urfi, who is also the known as the strongest of the other girls.

There is a lot of drama and unexpected twists in Splitsvilla 14’s most recent season. This time, the boys and girls are locked within two different homes and must do various difficult tasks in order to interact with the other gender and allow love unfold. Urfi Javed’s entry has caused controversy amongst other competitors. In the promo, it is visible that hosts Sunny and Arjun are also surprised with what happens next.

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Urfi and Sakshi’s verbal fight

In the most recent promo, Urfi Javed is shown in a fiery mood as she points the finger at Sakshi Dwivedi, one of the Splitsvilla 14 contestants. In her own, Urfi can be seen dressed boldly in a top and skirt with a shell design. In the teaser, Sakshi can be heard making a comment on the actress appearance.

However, Sakshi Dwivedi received it back from Urfi Javed. She claims to know Sakshi well and that she only has 7000 likes and 1 million followers on Instagram. As Sakshi appears visibly irritated by the same, the former Bigg Boss OTT contestant then asks her to go look at her face. The other competitors cheer aloud as they watch Urfi roast Sakshi.

In new video, we can see Urfi and Sakshi had another fight. This time Sakshi said about Urfi’s height. She said, “Boni chup reh, 10 inch ki heel pehn ke bhi itni chhoti hai”

Arjun and Sunny surprised with the contestants

Following that, Urfi Javed engages in verbal war with Sakshi Dwivedi in the promo. Urfi is asked to remain quiet by the other, but she responds by threatening to expose her because it was she who insulted Urfi.

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After that, Sunny Leone and Arjun Bijlani invite all the women to a challenging assignment in the pool, where the winner would get the chance to interact with the lads. Sunny and Arjun are shocked as they see the women fighting each other in order to complete the task. All the female candidates are instructed to end the work right away by the two. Well, it will be interesting to see what what happens further.

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