This net run rate season we have a wonderful gift for you

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We’ve always disliked net run rate. Until now.

Let’s first start with an explanation of the concept of net run rate, which should also double as an explanation of why we’ve always hated it.

Net run rate is the average runs per over that a team scores, minus the average runs per over that the opposition scores.

That is a pretty horrible metric – the product of two already pretty messy numbers. It’s clumsy and cumbersome and unintuitive. You end up with positive numbers and negative ones and the digits that matter are quite often those after the decimal point, which isn’t very satisfactory at all.

But then earlier today, we made a discovery that changed our thinking about net run rate COMPLETELY.

Our discovery was this: the abbreviation of net run rate, NRR, can be pronounced as a word and doing that is pretty annoying.

Long-term readers will be aware that we rather pride ourself on our ability to be annoying. Saying ‘nrr’ instead of ‘net run rate’ is so wilfully unnecessary and stupid that it can’t help but be completely irritating to anyone who hears it.

Come on, say it with us. Really draw it out. Nrrrrrrrr.

That we have discovered this brand new avenue of annoyance during this year’s Net Run Rate Season only makes this better.

We’re feeling positively energised at the mere thought of all the confusingly deployed nrrs we’re going to be able to drop into conversation in the coming days.

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