tripleS’s subunit AAA disbands because they weren’t able to sell 100,000 albums

tripleS‘ unit group AAA (Acid Angel from Asia) has officially disbanded.

tripleS is a rookie girl group with 24 members and a unique system called “Dimension.” Under this system, fans get to choose the members who will be part of the unit group promotion through voting.

Through voting, members Kim Yoo Yeon from ‘My Teen Girl,’ Kim Na Kyoung, Gong Yu Bin, and Jeong Hye Rin were chosen to be part of the four-member unit group AAA. The group began promotions starting the 28th of last month and released a mini-album.

In particular, the group garnered attention as singer BIBI‘s younger sister was part of the group and also gained attention when it was revealed that the unit group would disband if they failed to sell over 100,000 album copies during their promotion period. If the unit group sells 100,000 album copies, they will able to continue their promotions.

Unfortunately, it was announced through Twitter that AAA’s first mini-album, ‘ACCESS,’ had sold only 18,300 copies leading the unit group to disband.

The members each wrote on their official Twitter account, “We felt like crying when we were nominated for first place during the last broadcast. Thank you for being with us and supporting us to the end.”

Meanwhile, AAA was previously accused of plagiarizing NewJeans’ concepts, triggering a debate online. Netizens accused that there were various aspects of AAA’s music video and concept that was highly similar to NewJeans’ concepts.

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