Why Savart’s AI should be a part of your investment planning? 

Learning how to invest has been a trending topic for many days. We see many people suggesting us invest in different things but every plan that is made comes with a human bias. 

Investing in stock markets can be like taking a deep dive in a plunge of dark waters — with only limited visibility. Investors may feel like they have done enough research or due diligence, but its practical usage are likely dodged.

Rookie mistakes like chasing trends, lack of planning, holding onto badly performing stocks, failing to diversify and personal bias.

Investors also judge losses much more harshly than gains when investors sell winning stocks too soon to make sure they get a profit, even though these profits could be much bigger in the future. The opposite is also true for investors’ tendency towards making investments.

But how is Savart’s AI going beyond the biases of a human?

Savart’s AI is a revolutionary technology that creates powerful insights from commoditised information. It is a unique investment system that helps make better investments for its users. 

Savart’s AI automates not just advice but also research, making it unique among its peer human-run advisories. A traditional advisory uses a set of rules fed by inputs directly or indirectly from a human analyst, whereas Savart’s AI controls the end-to-end process. 

How does Savart’s AI help clients in their personalised investing journey? 
  1. Quantitative Analysis: Traditional analysts look at Profit & Loss statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow statements to make decisions, which are often based on (biased) assumptions and estimates. Savart has gone a step further to overcome these biases to build the technology for long-term investments, i.e., using billions of data points with the help of machine learning. 
  2. Qualitative Analysis: While doing qualitative analysis, Savart’s AI uses textual, visual, and graphical data to generate insights. Though quantitative analysis provides a mathematical & statistical edge to the research. This analysis focuses on investments’ subjective, intuitive, and abstract aspects. This analysis includes not just legal jargon but also around topics like ethics, corporate governance, brand, moat and innovation. 
  3. Risk Profiling, Portfolio tracking & rebalancing – Qualitative & Quantitative analysis are important for drawing out good opportunities. Understanding whether the opportunity is right for you or not becomes the bigger deal. Savart, with its proprietary Emotional, Financial & General Analysis, understands you, your goals, risk appetite, aspirations, comforts, and needs well and suggests personalised portfolios. 

What is the advantage of investing in AI-based Personalised Portfolios? 

  1. Unlimited Research Potential: Research & advice that covers 1 Billion data points and is not limited by the number of analysts working.
  2. Alpha Generation/ Return Generation: The data input and the insights that are generated helps clients out-perform the markets.
  3. Real-Time Portfolio Tracking: People sleep, AI doesn’t need to. Portfolios are tracked in real-time and necessary actions are swiftly communicated.
  4. Affordable Subscription Prices: This cutting-edge technology with ancient wisdom of patient, value, ethics and inclusive investing is available at an affordable price.
How to make Savart’s AI work for you?

To have the AI-driven research that helped its clients achieve a 24.71% of superior returns in the market work for you.

Once you download the app on the Play store/iOS.

Use your mobile number to log in.

A simple KYC process lets you verify your details.

Savart App asks you to complete a simple form to understand your risk profile. (EFG Analysis)

After the EFG analysis, the Savart app lets you define your financial goals.

From here, Savart’s AI takes over and determines the right investments to meet your goals. 

Within a few seconds, Savart will make relevant investment plans for you with the available opportunities in the market.

Since Investments are habit-driven, Savart assigns you a Client Delight Associate who helps you achieve your goal on a timely basis.

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