Woman breaks the internet with spot-on mimicry of Jaya Bachchan in viral video

Woman mimics Jaya Bachchan in viral video | Screenshot from video by Analee Cerejo

Photo : Twitter

Jaya Bachchan hates paparazzi and it’s pretty evident from her media interactions. The veteran was recently mimicked by influencer Analee Cerejo, also known as “The Chic Shopper”, in a viral video which has racked up over 3 million views on Instagram. The woman delivered an accurate impression of some of Bachchan’s hilariously snobby moments with the press.
With grey (powdered) hair and a gemstone necklace, Cerejo starred in an October 19 mimicry video imitating the 74-year-old, whose disdain for camerapersons runs deep.

Some of the Sholay actor’s oft-quoted lines, including: “Yeh koi jagah hai ye sawal puchne ka (Is this an appropriate place to ask such a question)”; “Again, you are flashing my eyes”; “Serves you right..Hope you tumble and fall” and “Aap log kaun hain? Media se hai? (Where are you guys from? Are you the media)” have been cracking the internet up.

Watch the viral video here:

Even musician and remix specialist Yashraj Mukhate couldn’t keep himself from mocking the star’s mannerisms in the comments.

“That door opening sound 😂😂😂😂,” he wrote

Jaya Bachchan takes her family’s privacy very seriously and inevitably gets mad at being photographed without permission. It’s very likely that an overly-intrusive photographer may get yelled at, or worse, be told they lack the right etiquette.

However, her spouse Amitabh Bachchan and son Abhishekh Bachchan are normally seen at ease when speaking with the media – so much so, that she once even pointed at Amitabh saying “He likes bytes”, when approached by journalists for statements.

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