YouTube’s new startup sound is catchy, but it’s no Netflix “Tudum”

YouTube has a new startup sound, and it is now available on the TV app but will be rolling out to more devices over the coming months.

YouTube has been improving many areas of its business as of late. The firm recently revamped its UI for web, bringing a modern look to its web presence. In addition, it has been heavily pushing its Shorts videos, offering more real estate to the videos in its app, and has even optimized Shorts for TV. Now, the service is introducing a new start-up sound for YouTube, giving it a distinct jingle that can be recognized whenever that app is launched.

The new sound is also accompanied by a new animation, which plays right before the app starts up. According to YouTube:

the “initial idea behind the sound was to have something vibrant, engaging and easily recognizable, so that as soon as you hear it – even if you’re turned away from your TV or device – you know that something’s about to pop up on YouTube.”

The startup sound is important, especially since it needs to make a huge impact in very little time. The sound was carefully crafted from the folks at Antfood, a top creative audio studio that focuses on sonic branding. The studio has worked with plenty of big name bands like Pepsi, Starbucks, Apple, Microsoft, and more.

The company was able to come up with a sound that was universal, complex, yet subtle. YouTube breaks down its new startup as having a “human”, “connected”, “expressive”, and “story-driven” component. YouTube’s blog post takes a deep dive into all the sound elements too, sharing how each component adds to the “story” of the new startup sound.

The sounds are broken down into parts, with the “deep dive”, “upward flourish”, “melodic signature”, “tactile motion”, “sentimental harmony”, “power up”, “playhead”, and the “YouTube logo lockup”, all culminating into one small three second sound clip. While this is currently just on the TV app, YouTube states that it will be rolling out to more devices over the next few months.

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